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I've started watching X-Files, you guys!
1990s hair! And awful clothing! And more 1990s hair!

The reason for this sudden change of scenery is basically because they've pulled ST:TNG from NetFlix Canada (which has pissed me off to no end) and I finished re-watching the 7 Buffy seasons.

And now for your Mulder quote of the day:

"Sometimes the need to mess with their heads outweighs the millstone of humiliation"


(oh and btw, the look on the creepy dude at the end of S1-E03 is so similar to the psycho's face in "Psycho", it creeped me out to no end. UGH.)
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Dear Mapy,


This message is brought to you by your fucking curiosity.

This thought originated from reading this fabulous and relatable article:

And now, on to more article reading, and less comment sections.

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So, went to the gym yesterday.
Yay me!
I laughed a lot while being there, because I was listening to "So Wrong, It's Right" and it was really funny. I think podcasts should be mandatory to gym-time, because some people looked so sad over there. I get it, though: it's not the greatest place in the world. Let's be honest.

My biggest mistake: I had my annual doctor's appointment afterwards. It's supposed to be annual but I hadn't gone in 2 years: I'm young, I don't need annual checkups!

So she put my on a motherfuckin' weight scale, and I was like, oh god, I had forgotten about this part, can we skip this part, please don't make me do it.

But I did. And it was horrible.

That fuckin' awesome self-esteem I had built up during my gym-time?
All gone!
See you later, awesome self-esteem!

I'm still brooding over it. Like I'm 15 years old.
Tomorrow I'm going back to the gym. But I'm not guaranteeing I won't have a nervous breakdown.

Fuck you, doctor's office.
Fuck you.
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Ok so, as of the last two hours, I've downloaded:

- All of Cabin Pressure
- All of Welcome to Night Vale
- A lot of "In Our Time"
- A lot of "Thinking Allowed"
- A lot of "Answer me this!"

I've got some listening to do!


buffy break

Sep. 1st, 2013 10:40 am
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I finished Dollhouse, which was pretty great, and now onto more Whedon, because I've seen all 7 "Buffy" seasons a few times, but it's been a while!

Season 2, episode 1, Buffy just told Angel: "You know, being stalked is not a big turn-on for girls"

And I'm like: WORD, SISTER!

Sorry, twi-hards.
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While making my cosplay for Otakuthon I'm watching more ST:TNG! Yay!

So: Season 3, episode 1: "Evolution"

Wesley: "Guinan! I didn't think anyone would be here."
Guinan: "I'm not any good at being confined to quarters... as my husbands will attest to."

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Season 2, episode 20: "The Emissary"

Wow. Worf and this half-Klingon half-Human woman just had sex, and Worf is like "Now we must marry" and she's like "What? It was just sex, it doesn't mean anything", and my mind is blown.

WHY didn't I watch this when I was 12? Amazing sex-ed, right there.
Also, in the episode just before, Troy's Betazoid mother was all over the place with her sexual energy, trying to get laid by every man on the ship!

WHAT does that tell us about ST:TNG? It's fucking radical, that's what it is.
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Alright, so on Monday, I went to see some summertime improv with friends from my university, who are mostly co-activists regarding student rights, and overall a very cool bunch.

My new roommate's girlfriend was there, and we started talking about movies and tv series that her BF is interested in... which led to me asking her if she had watched Star Trek. She said she didn't, and procedeed to ask her BF "Do you think I'd like it?" and he said, quite honestly, "I don't think you would".

Being as I'm enthralled with Star Trek right now, I started talking about some things I love about Star Trek (Guys wearing skirts! Picard talking about his views on death, and the meaning of life! Data trying to learn about what it means to be human!) and quickly realized that I was talking very loudly, and very fast, and making strange arm/hand gestures to emphasize my enthusiasm... And the girl, I think, thought I was probably making no sense at all.

Of course, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I think it's juste the first time that I didn't feel awkward and shy: I just WENT OUT THERE and was SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.

So yeah, I'm glad. Also: I'm still a ST:TNG noob but I'm definitely on that ship.

AND NOOOOW this cute video I saw on Laughing Squid ^_^
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Star Trek! TNG! Episode 5!
I'm much too excited for my own good right now.

This episode is starting to get weird, but I think I like it! I interrupted the ep. half-way through to do some commentary while listening.

Homemade summary: a guy from Starfleet (the biggest douchebag you've ever met) comes over to the Enterprise to make some upgrades on the warp drive. He accidentally makes the warp go nuts, and they end up 3 galaxies away, at almost 3 million light-years from where they started. So they're in this weird place, and people start to hallucinate things. That's where I've stopped.

So: I can't get over how I'm unknowledgeable about the whole "warp" thing, so I'm doing some wiki reading to understand better. I had always "believed" the warp scenario, until know, where it seems the whole crew should have died in agony whilst travelling at that speed. After reading, though, I understand how warp works (reading source: )

But I must comment on something: at one point, a crew member hallucinates that he's in a string quartet, and he's playing the violin. But I HATE IT when the playing is off from the music track! I just jumped out of the whole "contrat de lecture", as we call it. So disappointing.

25:50: AWWW Picard just saw his mom, and he was like: "Maman?" and... awwwww

38:50: That dude is totally wearing a dress.
*googles it*
Well, apparently all Starfleet uniforms are unisex, and the dress is called a "Stank", according to:

I love you, Star Trek <3
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As I was watching this fabulous opening number by Neil Patrick Harris (gay boyfriend of my dreams <3) at the Tony awards:

I ended up asking myself: why the hell have I never seen a broadway show in New York? I mean, I've been to NY: what was I thinking, NOT going to see it there?

I saw "The Lion King" at La Place des Arts last year, and that was fucking awesome. I've never seen "Wicked", what's up with that? And never seen "The Phantom of the Opera" (I know, emef, you hate that show^^) even though I enjoyed the tunes so much in my youth (wow, now I feel old.)

So how about I do that for my birthday this year? I'm sure my sisters would be down with that.

My friend Ary made me watch "The Room", written by/produced by/starring Tommy Wiseau.
Oh-my-fucking-God. It was the most amazingly BAD movie I've ever seen. I think I wanna watch it again, just in case I imagined how bad it is!
Are there any showings in Montreal? Apparently, in the US, there are showings where people dress up as the characters, throw footballs at each other and laugh loudly everytime Johnny laughs.

That sounds like a fucking great evening, does it not?

Also, if you haven't seen it, write to me so I can watch it with you, and play a drinking game at the same time (for every time someone says "Oh hai!")

Oh Tommy! You are such a genius.


Jun. 6th, 2013 09:04 pm
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Guys, guys!
How the hell did Thetford Mines end up on this list?
Best reputation ever!
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 Ok so, I was watching MLP:FIM, as I always do when I'm eating lunch at home.
I usually listen with one ear, whilst doing other stuff.

Today... The episode ("Hurricane Fluttershy") was about scared Fluttershy not wanting to train for flying with her fellow Pegasi, because she was called names in her youth when practising her flying.

So here's the thing: I try to avoid talking about my difficulty with sports and physical activity when I'm around people I don't know, or even close friends. My dad used to make fun of me because I ran really slowly ("She's almost going backwards!") and I always feel like even when I make an effort, it's not enough.

The episode had barely started and I was already crying. I can't stand thinking about people laughing at me, or just looking at me while I'm doing any form of physical activity. I find that even running to catch a bus is humiliating.

So anyway. Fluttershy was amazing, as usual, especially when she tried training by herself and didn't get the results she expected: she ran away, crying, and didn't want to go back, until she was their only hope of getting the group effort they needed.

For me, seeing this ep. was a bit of therapy, even though I don't think a 30-min episode is what I need to get over my past ghosts.

But it's a start.

GoT feels

Jun. 4th, 2013 10:27 am
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So. GoT.
I hate that I feel like I can't cry when I've got feels and I'm watching something with my bf & his sis. "It's just T.V", said they.
Major spoiler warning )
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TWO (that's 2, y'all), JUST TWO DAYS left until my job officially ends.

I've been talking about quitting since december, and now it's finally here. Just think of all the student politics I'll be able to do with my free time! I'm too excited for my own good.

I've been meaning to say: I'm not a big fan of mangas (as with many things, you either love it or you don't get it, I guess?) but there's one that I just LOVE with FEELS and a fair dose of ANGSTY ANGST: "Wandering Son".

If you've never read it, please do! Here is a little wiki info:

"The story depicts a young student named Shuichi Nitori, described by the author as a boy who wants to be a girl, and his friend Yoshino Takatsuki, described as a girl who wants to be a boy. The series deals with issues such as transsexualism, gender identity, and the beginning of puberty."

Oh you know, little issues, nothing big! (O_o)

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Is that a St. Trinian's group cosplay at 1:01?
Well done.

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I watched the pilot to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" with a friend today, and upon deciding that I didn't wanna fan-out on Facebook, I decided to go for full-on fannishness and settle on this so-called "dreamwidth".

(I will refrain on commenting the title of this platform, since it's probably been done, but I only ever visit my dear sister's journal, so I wouldn't know.)

So ST:TNG pilot!

There were very long pauses! A lot of Picard, which is good! My first peek at Q, who, according to formely acknowledged friend, is a very important character, and very interesting though quite self-righteous upon first aquaintance! Wil Wheaton at an impossible age! Sexual tension between Picard and Number One!

But most importantly: space jellyfish, which came out of NOWHERE and totally BLEW ME AWAY.

Still under shock. More soon, with episode two!


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