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Star Trek! TNG! Episode 5!
I'm much too excited for my own good right now.

This episode is starting to get weird, but I think I like it! I interrupted the ep. half-way through to do some commentary while listening.

Homemade summary: a guy from Starfleet (the biggest douchebag you've ever met) comes over to the Enterprise to make some upgrades on the warp drive. He accidentally makes the warp go nuts, and they end up 3 galaxies away, at almost 3 million light-years from where they started. So they're in this weird place, and people start to hallucinate things. That's where I've stopped.

So: I can't get over how I'm unknowledgeable about the whole "warp" thing, so I'm doing some wiki reading to understand better. I had always "believed" the warp scenario, until know, where it seems the whole crew should have died in agony whilst travelling at that speed. After reading, though, I understand how warp works (reading source: )

But I must comment on something: at one point, a crew member hallucinates that he's in a string quartet, and he's playing the violin. But I HATE IT when the playing is off from the music track! I just jumped out of the whole "contrat de lecture", as we call it. So disappointing.

25:50: AWWW Picard just saw his mom, and he was like: "Maman?" and... awwwww

38:50: That dude is totally wearing a dress.
*googles it*
Well, apparently all Starfleet uniforms are unisex, and the dress is called a "Stank", according to:

I love you, Star Trek <3
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I watched the pilot to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" with a friend today, and upon deciding that I didn't wanna fan-out on Facebook, I decided to go for full-on fannishness and settle on this so-called "dreamwidth".

(I will refrain on commenting the title of this platform, since it's probably been done, but I only ever visit my dear sister's journal, so I wouldn't know.)

So ST:TNG pilot!

There were very long pauses! A lot of Picard, which is good! My first peek at Q, who, according to formely acknowledged friend, is a very important character, and very interesting though quite self-righteous upon first aquaintance! Wil Wheaton at an impossible age! Sexual tension between Picard and Number One!

But most importantly: space jellyfish, which came out of NOWHERE and totally BLEW ME AWAY.

Still under shock. More soon, with episode two!


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