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Alright, so on Monday, I went to see some summertime improv with friends from my university, who are mostly co-activists regarding student rights, and overall a very cool bunch.

My new roommate's girlfriend was there, and we started talking about movies and tv series that her BF is interested in... which led to me asking her if she had watched Star Trek. She said she didn't, and procedeed to ask her BF "Do you think I'd like it?" and he said, quite honestly, "I don't think you would".

Being as I'm enthralled with Star Trek right now, I started talking about some things I love about Star Trek (Guys wearing skirts! Picard talking about his views on death, and the meaning of life! Data trying to learn about what it means to be human!) and quickly realized that I was talking very loudly, and very fast, and making strange arm/hand gestures to emphasize my enthusiasm... And the girl, I think, thought I was probably making no sense at all.

Of course, this is not the first time this has happened to me. I think it's juste the first time that I didn't feel awkward and shy: I just WENT OUT THERE and was SO HAPPY ABOUT IT.

So yeah, I'm glad. Also: I'm still a ST:TNG noob but I'm definitely on that ship.

AND NOOOOW this cute video I saw on Laughing Squid ^_^
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I watched the pilot to "Star Trek: The Next Generation" with a friend today, and upon deciding that I didn't wanna fan-out on Facebook, I decided to go for full-on fannishness and settle on this so-called "dreamwidth".

(I will refrain on commenting the title of this platform, since it's probably been done, but I only ever visit my dear sister's journal, so I wouldn't know.)

So ST:TNG pilot!

There were very long pauses! A lot of Picard, which is good! My first peek at Q, who, according to formely acknowledged friend, is a very important character, and very interesting though quite self-righteous upon first aquaintance! Wil Wheaton at an impossible age! Sexual tension between Picard and Number One!

But most importantly: space jellyfish, which came out of NOWHERE and totally BLEW ME AWAY.

Still under shock. More soon, with episode two!


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